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Damien Alexander

Why choose me?

With Documentary Wedding Photography, I don’t want to take over the Wedding day; I want to document it. My style of photography is similar to journalism photography, where I capture your story of the day and tell that story through beautiful images.

You can get on with your Wedding day with the peace of mind that you can engage more with your family and friends. Know that after the day is over, you can relive your Wedding with a beautifully crated album and see new stories that you missed. That is the beauty of Documentary Wedding Photography.

I Tell A Story…

Unlike the more common photography styles in weddings, documentary-style photography places a premium on avoiding interference with the wedding preparations and festivities if at all possible. This style seeks to blend into the background and capture the day as it unfolds with none of the coaching, deliberate posing, and interruptions that are a common feature of the usual wedding photography.
It keeps the story fresh, authentic, and more genuinely reflects the family, setting, and mood of the day. Instead of the usual close up shots of a ring or bouquet, or the bride looking introspectively out the window, this approach leads to compelling images of family and friends interacting more candidly manner.

Rainging on the wedding day

Here are some examples of Weddings I’ve been giving the honour of documenting, set in some of the most beautiful venues across Lancashire.

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