Why Documentary Wedding Photography?

Why Documentary-Style Wedding Photography Is A Good Idea

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is undoubtedly plenty to worry about. But sooner or later, it always comes down to which wedding photographer you want to trust with your special day.
It’s quite a choice to make; making your pick of the several talented folks out there can be quite unsettling, and it’s such an important decision to make. But maybe you’re also getting too far ahead of yourself and forgetting one other important detail — what style or approach you would like to adopt for your wedding. And in truth, documentary-style wedding photography — also known as reportage or photojournalism — takes the cake almost every time.

I know; you think it’s a bit too much. You think it could get in the way of your celebration of love, but that’s the problem. Everyone thinks of it like that, but it’s not. It’s even far less-intrusive than regular photography. When done right, it most certainly does not interfere with the wedding day. If anything, it’s unrivalled in turning out the most intimate and candid images of your day.
Still can’t make up your mind? Well, there are excellent reasons why you should consider documentary-style photography for your wedding.

It Tells A Story

Unlike the more common photography styles in weddings, documentary-style photography places a premium on avoiding interference with the wedding preparations and festivities if at all possible. This style seeks to blend into the background and capture the day as it unfolds with none of the coaching, deliberate posing, and interruptions that are a common feature of the usual wedding photography.
It keeps the story fresh, authentic, and more genuinely reflects the family, setting, and mood of the day. Instead of the usual close up shots of a ring or bouquet, or the bride looking introspectively out the window, this approach leads to compelling images of family and friends interacting more candidly manner.

You Get To See Things That You Didn’t Even Know Happened

There’s no one more important at a wedding than the bride and groom, But they can’t possibly be everywhere at once. Excellent
documentary wedding photographers are aware of this, and they are also mindful that there are not very many occasions in life where the people that mean the world to you — both family and friends — are holed up in one place. And this is where documentary photographers well and truly prove their worth.

They treat you to images of your aunt dozing off for a bit after gulping down one too many glasses of champagne, or the time an old-time buddy of yours rips his pants while attempting a full split on the dancefloor; or that moment your tries to eat from the piece of cake he stuffed in his pocket. Things you don’t even know happened while you were too busy feeding your spouse. Documentary-style photography steps away from the conventional and lets you in on some candid shots of happenings that you missed.
It’s already your wedding day, and you will be in a lot of pictures. How about seeing the other side of your Wedding,

You capture the raw emotions.

There is nothing quite like a wedding when it comes to witnessing a truly myriad of emotions – it’s one of the reasons why so many photographers are drawn to weddings in the first place, as capturing emotion is both so thrilling and incredibly rewarding.

It Captures Raw Emotions

Conventional wedding photographers will ask you to stare into your spouse’s eyes as they try to take loved-up photos. Documentary-style captures that short-lived fire in your eyes that light up the moment your beloved walked into the venue.
Moments of uncontrolled and real emotions are priceless, and they make the best wedding pictures. Raw emotions cannot be staged, recreated or set up — some of them happen in a flash, vanish, and never come back no matter how much encouragement the wedding photographer puts in. Documentary-style photography is unmatched when it comes to capturing those priceless, fleeting of emotions of the subtlest kind.
It could be a slight grin, a wry smile, a burst of laughter, a single teardrop, or just one look of astonishment. It takes skill and a sense of art to capture those as they are happening naturally in the moment. And that’s what documentary-style shoots are all about. Plus, it’s especially helpful if you’re camera shy or self-conscious. And that’s because you don’t even know anyone is trying to take a picture.

It Is Much Less Intrusive

Documentary-style Wedding photographers are unobtrusive and, in fact, often get mistaken for guests because they are not barking out orders all the time in anyone’s face. They blend in with the natural setting of the wedding and work their magic from there. And that is why they take the best wedding shots — nobody is asking you to sit still and tilt your head a certain way when all you want to do is scream with joy.

Documentary-style wedding images are dynamic, fresh and unique. They haven’t forced re-creations. Everyone looks their best. Wedding celebrants and guests alike can sit back and enjoy the wedding with all the great food and good humour. It’s like going through the motions as though there was no photographer at the wedding at all — except that there is and he/she is doing a fantastic job.
And what’s more, if you still want some portraits and group photos, you could always have it. It’s the best of both worlds.

Does this style of photography get you excited?


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